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Leftovers KFC at home. Don’t worry we got your back with this easy chicken salad in baguette with mustard sauce of KFC and some fresh lettuce tomatoes.

Fried chicken lovers, rejoice! Once again, and KFC decided to team up and join the fried chicken sandwich game. And unsurprisingly, as one would expect, the result has proven to be out of this world, guaranteed to make you go “Mmmmmm!”. The perfect hot baguette… doesn’t exist… wait…what’s this? What can it be? We could say more, but for now, we’ll let this recipe speak for itself.

Firstly, bless KFC for this tender, juicy, well-seasoned chicken patty with all the right fixings. The crispy fillet, in itself, is excellent and with just the right ingredients, we can already place this concoction above our regulars. Once you’ve learned how to make this, we’re guessing your family, if they’re anything like ours, will ask you to make it again and again.

So, if you also want to crack the code to make the best crispy chicken baguette in the comfort of your home, here’s what you’ll need: a hot baguette providing the perfect vessel to cradle the strips and accompanying ingredients, a generous handful of your favourite salad greens, thinly sliced onions, slices of tomato for a burst of freshness, the unrivalled honey mustard sauce from the brand itself, your favourite cheese, and finally, the star of the show – KFC crispy strips. Each ingredient is imperative, as it’s the way they come together that puts the sandwich over the top.

The KFC homemade baguette is definitely going to leave you feeling full and satisfied. Whether it’s the crunchy, juicy, or crispy side, we know for a fact that it’s everything you might want, minus any fanfare or extravagant additions. Next time you find yourself near a KFC outlet, don’t miss the chance to grab the unbeatable crispy strips and craft your own sandwich at home. We’ll find out… and shame you forever!