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Whether it’s Middle Eastern dishes, Turkish delicacies or Egyptian menus you’re looking for, the restaurant Arabesque has it all. With a culture of fusion cooking, this eatery, based in Quatre Bornes, is well worth the wait to get a table. With a delightful and carefully-curated menu of traditional dishes alongside modern takes, this place is just the kind of friendly neighbourhood spot you wish you had at the end of your road!

The restaurant is well-renowned for its hospitality and family-oriented atmosphere. Here, the only challenge you’ll face is the endless assortment of warm plates. Prepare to be surprised and delighted, as even if you just want a classic hummus and mixed grill or want to go all out, Arabesque has something to offer everyone. Falafel, Kofta, Koshari, Couscous, Moussaka, and Manousheh amongst others, there you’ll find a joyful riot of textures and flavours in an easy-to-love space.

The restaurant’s chefs offer the locals the most inviting slice of Middle Eastern cuisine with Egyptian flavours. One might say that the proof of Arabesque’s success is, quite literally, on the plate. However, this feast for the senses would not be complete without some refreshing beverages on the side. Sangria, Smoothies, Mojitos, or Tango Tamango to name a few, the drinks will leave you asking for more. And last but not least, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, the sweet Kunafas or traditional Basbousa are well worth sticking around for. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with this authentic dining spot.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to travel all the way to Egypt or Dubai to get a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. If you want to please yourself with something new, go check them out. Arabesque’s team is always ready to cook up a storm to please your palates!