A taste of Abalone

Hold on. This one is a must-read for seafood connoisseurs who delight in tasting the ocean with every mouthful. Known for its naturally buttery and salty taste, thanks to the seawater it lives in — Abalone is a marine mollusc internationally cherished as a culinary delicacy.


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Often hailed as the “sea snail”, the gastropod is a member of the Haliotidae family and inhabits coastal waters around the world. You can find fresh ones in Mauritius, typically recognisable by their spiral-shaped shells with iridescent interiors. Curious about the taste? Well, to put it simply, when prepared with expertise, you’re down for a burst of subtle flavour with every bite. Abalone makes a luxurious addition to any seafood dish, and is only served in high-end restaurants. So, if you want to put your hands on it, your best bet is finding the right spot!

However, with a bit of determination, abalone can be prepared right in the comfort of your kitchen, and in numerous ways! It includes grilling, steaming, frying, or even raw, depending on your personal taste and preference. Treated carefully as a delicacy, a cleaned abalone meat pairs well with our local dishes. For a cosy meal, try an “abalon farci”, and braise it with mushrooms. They go together like one true pair! Feeling adventurous? Enjoy a sautéed abalone with local veggies for a tasty twist. And for family get-togethers, add abalone to your chopsuey, and cherish a memorable feast. Then, to top it all off, why not pair your meal with a premium wine for a much more refined taste experience? There’s no better way to elevate such dishes.

So, basically, adding abalone to your culinary bucket list is a sure-fire win. As summer draws to a close, there’s never been a better time to satisfy a seafood craving with this delicious ocean jewel! Bon appétit.