Restore the shine: Cleaning Techniques for Stainless Steel

Believe it or not, many folks out there might be unaware of how to make stainless steel appliances sparkle like new. So, after a bit of hunting around, our team finally settled on the top cleaning methods. YES, we cracked the code!


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Baking Soda Paste

Among its myriad properties, did you know that baking soda is a natural and budget-friendly cleaning agent? Indeed, this household ingredient can restore the glow to your stainless steel kitchen items, no matter how old they may be. All you have to do is create a cleaning paste by mixing baking soda with a small amount of water. Apply the paste to the stainless steel surface and gently scrub in circular motions using a soft cloth or sponge. Then, rinse with water and dry with a clean towel. You won’t believe it.

Lemon and Salt

If you’re pressed for time and need to eliminate those nasty rust spots on your kitchen appliances before your guests arrive, lemon and salt are your go-to solution. That’s how we do it: cut a lemon in half and dip the exposed side into a bowl of salt. Use the lemon halves to scrub the surface of the stainless steel until fully removed. When done, wash your stainless steel item as usual and watch it return to its brand-new state.

Tamarind and Salt

Like lemon, tamarind is acidic, which makes it a great cleaning agent. First, you have to extract the pulp from a tamarind pod and mix it with a pinch of salt to form a paste. Then, apply the paste to the stainless steel surface and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the acidic properties to break down stubborn stains and rust. Rinse well, and in no time, you’ll get back the shine.


Just think about it: toothpaste always keeps our teeth clean, so why limit its use to just that? Look for a non-abrasive toothpaste without any whitening agents or harsh chemicals. These are pretty cheap, and you don’t need to use much. Apply a little bit of toothpaste to a soft cloth and rub it onto the stainless steel. Wipe the surface clean, and repeat as needed for best results. That’s it!

One last tip for your future cleaning endeavours: bear in mind that what works for one may not work for another. But with simple ingredients that don’t involve any chemicals, you can surely ensure your stainless steel shines brighter than ever!