So, whenever you’re in the mood for steak, and crave something different from the usual suspects, nothing tastes better than the super-duper toasty Greenfield meat baguette. Imagine sinking your teeth into this: a juicy steak sandwich piled high with tender slices of Greenfield’s top-tier meat, caramelised onion, melty cheese, mustard, and some stellar mushrooms. This bad boy is as good as it looks and can satiate any level of hunger. That’s hard to pass up. And, indeed, this is not the kind of sandwich you’ll find at your local drive-thru. This homemade offering has to be done right if ever you want each subsequent bite to leave a lasting impression that lingers on the palate!

Well, the presentation is over, but the fun is just beginning. Have a scroll through our exclusive video, where we’ll show you how to get it done, all in the name of making your lunchtimes a little bit brighter. Save the packed lunch for another day, because you won’t want to miss this top-notch treat.