The warm weather is well on its way, the sun is shining, and this leaves us craving one thing and one thing only… guess what it is? A fresh, homemade, fish-finger Caesar salad! We know this may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but trust us: you won’t regret it. Yes, say goodbye to serving fish fingers with chips, and embrace the greeny side of life. On top of that, we brought to the table an all-time classic that never failed to hit the spot: I&J fish fingers, definitely the best fish fingers around!

If you didn’t know about these, you had probably been missing out on something for quite some time. The I&J fish fingers are one of those comfort foods that remind us of our childhood. Getting home from school, and having these fish fingers was an absolute delight! But, who’s to say you can’t nibble on these delicious bars too? After all, snack time anytime is for everyone and anyone. And that’s why we’ve brought to you the ideal bowl combo!

So, if you love salads and fish fingers as much as we do, this simple salad could be the answer. Quick to prepare for a light dinner or lunch, the Caesar salad with I&J fish fingers is the perfect dish to serve al fresco with friends and family. It’s most likely to become a holiday tradition at your house, too!

Bouillon de Crabe Frais des Iles de L’Océan Indien

Le bouillon de crustacés n’est pas une soupe contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait penser mais c’est plutôt un genre de sauce liquide. Dans les îles, il est très commun de mélanger le « bouillon » et le « riz ». Pour cette recette, j’ai utilisé les pinces de homards qui sont difficiles à manger, ainsi que les restes de carapaces et j’ai décidé d’utiliser principalement la chaire qui est plus facile d’utilisation pour ma recette de homard au beurre d’ail. Je vous laisse découvrir la recette plus bas.