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Have you ever made something that’s way too spicy? That’s cool. We all have casual slip-ups in the kitchen once in a while. It may happen for several reasons but luckily, there are many ways to tone down the spiciness. If you don’t want to see your guests’ tears streaming down their faces and mouths on fire, catch our take on some of the best ways to neutralise some heat!

  • Go nuts
    Here’s another reason to have peanut butter in our pantries. For some dishes, adding a spoonful of nut butter will inevitably help smother the flames. Even better, it will also add protein, nutrients and healthy fat to whatever you’re making.
  • Add some dairy
    Who knew that adding a generous dollop of yoghurt or crème fraîche to scorching hot chilli could counteract the spiciness!? Yeah, turns out that capsaicin, the chemical compound in hot chillis, can be neutralised by various dairy products. That’s why people tell you to chug a glass of milk when your mouth is on fire.

  • Sweeten it up
    Sugar or other sweeteners are another great way to tame spiciness. As it absorbs oils and changes the taste, a sprinkle of sugar will absolutely do wonders to balance out an overly spicy dish. But don’t add too much if you don’t want it to end up tasting like dessert.

  • Acid defeats heat
    Acidic liquids can also do a great job of tempering spice. The next time your dish tastes too spicy, use a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or even a little vinegar to cut through intense heat. You won’t believe it!

Now, even though all of these tried and tested hacks may help you avoid the predicament of a dish that’s too spicy, you can still help yourself by adding a little spice at a time and tasting as you go. After all, why turn your dish into the hit of the night when you can treat it like salt and add it gradually? Still, you now have a bunch of solutions for this cooking dilemma. Don’t hesitate to share your own secrets for taming the intensity of hot spices with us!