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Whether we’re hunting for comfort food or strolling the sunny streets of Mauritius these days, noodles always have our backs when hunger kicks in. If ever you’re looking for warming, nourishing and hearty noodle bowls that make you feel like you’ve earned every mouthful, here’s a family-run spot that never disappoints.

Noodle Garden, located in Beau Bassin, has definitely gifted us with its presence. What makes this local eatery so unique is its delectably authentic embodiment of the rich culinary culture of Mauritius combined with various influences of world cuisine. This vibrant restaurant hits all five senses and has been experimenting with smells, sounds, textures, and other stimuli to show how “off-plate” elements play a role in the perception of flavour. The founder and chef, Yann Yeung, has created and personalised a great number of noodle dishes which means that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Why are they so good we hear you ask? Well, you’d probably have to find it yourself but let’s give you some insights. Konepakone, Rollercoaster, or the noodle A-Wok are some of the must-have dishes that deliver everything you’d expect. Thick, chewy and served in a range of tangy sauces, these bowls will pleasantly tickle the back of your throat with carefully selected ingredients making them unique each time. With its array of tasty noodle options offered in different variations, Noodle Garden is the ideal example of a pop-up that understands how playing with flavours and traditions can result in a truly individual and genuinely gustatory experience.

Whether it is to catch up with friends or have a relaxing noodle night with family, this place will surely keep you coming back for more. All of that said, if this still doesn’t sound like heaven to you, then you’re probably not that interested in the best noodles in town, are you?