Mister Chu

  • Chinese
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy
  • Vegeterian
Mister Chu, existing for 80 years, is a Chinese family bakery with well-kept secret family recipes. Renowned for their large selection of Hakka mooncakes, they also offer a plethora of other unique Chinese delicacies for the sweet tooth. Moreover, their tea selection consists of Bai Mu Dan (White tea), Hua Shan Huan Ya (Yellow tea), and Japanese Green, bringing you a high-quality range that will make your tea time a delightful one. If you’re looking for authentic traditional Chinese cakes and tea, come spend some quali-tea time in their new outlet at 42 Market Street in Bagatelle Mall… where good taste & happiness are merged from just one bite
Hours of operation:
Thursday 9am–4pm
Friday 9am–4pm
Saturday 9am–1pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 9am–4pm
Tuesday 9am–4pm
Wednesday 9am–4pm
Contact: 242 3984

Emmanuel Anquetil St &, Venpin St, Port Louis

42 Market Street, Bagatelle